The Journey


This used to be my resting place, with all its warmth and familiarity.

This used to be the place where I sat down and waited for time to pass

As I stared up at the stars through the canopy of trees.

I loved being here. It was a safe haven.

A beautiful place to be for a while, but never a final destination.

To stay here in perpetuity would never meet my need or meet the calling of my soul.

For this reason it becomes difficult to stay here.

I am not satisfied with the beautiful view of lights shining in the valley below me.

That is something to view and appreciate as I pass by. A bonus of my journey.

So, despite my misgivings, I gather my belongings and start out again

On my journey further up the mountain.

I am not headed for the summit, although my path will take me higher.

I am headed over the ridge and what I will see is still a mystery, but it will not be the

Familiar lights of my old life in the valley below.

It will not have the cozy hollow which has protected me over recent nights as I rested.

I do not know what is there

But the need to continue with my journey is impossible to resist.

So, I strike out as the sun rises in the sky and head higher without looking back on the

Beauty of my old life.

That picture is burned into my mind and will never leave me.

It will support me and act as my anchor as I enter a new landscape.

You are on a journey and always on a higher path.

Your view always allows you to look out over the place where you have just been

Because the whole of your journey is connected.

It is not a series of random events.


“There is only love in my life”


Even one cell of your DNA

Is made up of thousands upon billions

Of specks of light.

Each one an individual shade and colour,

A super highway

For the light of love to flow along.

Everything in your life,

Every breath, feeling and emotion,

Each nerve impulse, and experience,

All a speck of the light of love.

There is no black tar or hatred

Eating up your world.

What floods into the world, is love.

Love making the mould,

Love spinning the clay and forming each new pot.

What is there to be afraid of

When there is nothing but love in your life?

“There is only love in my life”








“I am exactly where I am”


Be still for a while

And let life happen around you.

Let go of this process and let it unfold

At the appropriate speed.

Nothing can grow or evolve naturally

If you have it in a strangle-hold.

If you let this be, it will grow,

Far beyond your expectations,

And follow the road least expected.

It is time to stop and breathe.

You have walked up a steep incline

As part of your path to the summit.

Stop and pause at this point of beauty,

Provided for you as part of the journey.

What you see and experience here,

Provides you with Love and nourishment

To feed your progress on the next incline.

“I am exactly where I am”


Photo – Ceramic tile mosaic on Persian poet Hafiz’s tomb. Lake District : Hand Luggage Only

“I love and value myself as I am now”

underwater image of jellyfishes

What is contained within your house and your heart?

When you clear and tidy these spaces, what do you find?

What is still there that you had forgotten?

What do you ignore and choose not to see?

When you come across these old thought patterns,

When they arise and surprise you, when they repeat,

They have not been cleared; they have been overlooked.

So, then you think to yourself:

“Oh yes! I remember that.

But I have no use for it now.”

Then focus upon your new thoughts.

“I love myself.”

“I love myself on my path.”

“I see my achievements.”

“I love the person that I am now”.

Throw away the old thoughts.

That tatty toy sits on a shelf as a memory,

But you no longer play with it

In the same way you did as a child.

“I love and value myself as I am now.”