Love Letters

Love Letters is now available in two beautiful books full of poems and mediations which remind you to love yourself through the difficulties of your life.

In both Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

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You never walk on your own.

Love walks ahead to guide you.

Love walks behind to protect.

Love walks on either side

As your friend.


“I am surrounded by love”

I am not my fears

stand silent and still-page-001

Can I turn my fear into an object which is not part of me?

For example, I could see my fear as a baby lying in a cot.

Small and helpless, waiting for my care and attention.

Something that I look upon with love rather than recoil from.

I may fear learning to drive but that fear is not ME.

If I turn the fact of this fear into a baby lying asleep in a cot,

I can react to it in a new way. I can say to myself:

“My fear of learning to drive is lying asleep in that cot”

“I love that sleeping baby. I accept it and care for it.”

See your fears in a different light.





A gift of love

a gift of love changed-page-001

The desire for change exists deep in your heart space.

Like a seed planted before you were born, it waits for the right moment to germinate and push up through your emotions to reach the energy of love which will help it to grow.

This process is not a sudden event, starting long before you see the physical manifestation of your desires.

Like a spring bulb, this desire for change needs to be planted in the right soil, time to respond to the changes in the seasons before you see the first sign of a shoot through the soil.

The process of growth and change is nothing to be impatient about. Love and cherish each moment and value yourself as you take this journey of self-love.

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Create your life

my mind is beautiful-page-001

What painting will you paint on this canvas? It is stretched and proofed and ready to go.

Will it be a portrait or a landscape? Green fields leading to purple mountains on the horizon or a figure turning to look the viewer in the eye?

Your choices affect the imagery you use, the directions your mind takes, the questions you ask yourself.

Will you focus small or large? Look at each leaf or pattern in minute detail or use broad brushstrokes to indicate a shape, with your emphasis on form and colour?

You paint your own life with your mind so make it a beautiful one.